Monday, March 23, 2015

Modest Monday // by Mykaela

Hello, fellow daughters of The King!

Today I wanted to share an outfit that I wore to go out with my dad witnessing and door knocking. I always try to pay careful attention to my clothing when I get those opportunities, because I am standing on someone's doorstep directly representing my Lord. That's pretty important, I'd say! :) As you get to know me and my clothing style, you will understand that I am all about versatility. I do have a couple of things that I will only wear with a certain outfit, but most of my wardrobe I like to be able to mix and match a lot. This gray maxi skirt is amazing for that. I love it because it is soft and comfortable, and yet you can dress it up or down, depending on the occasion. Today I wore this pale greenish-blue shirt with yellow and gray detailing. Normally this color combo wouldn't be my first choice, but when I saw it in JCP at the end of summer sale last year, it really stuck out to me. I like the shape and the fact that I can wear a tee under it, or layer it with a long sleeved shirt in winter. It's pretty warm for us already, even here in Northern Washington, so today I just wore a high tank with it to raise the neckline. If it was cooler, I would pair it with a jean jacket, or a light black sweater. I took a pic of the neckline because I love this necklace with it so much. Actually I love the necklace, period. It goes with everything, and yes, you'll probably see it in multiple outfit posts at some point. ;) The shoes I wore are very versatile as well...just plain cloth black flats with a little bow on them.

Here is a rundown of the elements and what I paid:
Skirt: Fred Meyer ($25?)
Shoes: Gift ($15)
Shirt: (JCPenney $6)
Tank: Thrift store ($1)
Necklace: Thrift store ($2?)
So there you have it...hope you enjoyed this post! Which articles of your wardrobe do you love mixing and matching?

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