Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Statement Shoes // by Kimberly

     I have this one friend that has really big feet. My feet are about normal-sized, but still a size and a half too small to share shoes with my mom or younger sister... bummer, right? So anyways, my friend-with-really-big-feet and I went shopping a few weeks back. She knows I'm pretty "plain jane" in the area of shoes- I have church shoes (both heels and flats), tennis shoes, flip flops, and boots (both dress and cowboy). What more could I possibly want or need?

     Statement shoes.

     My friend insisted that I need some "statement shoes" that'll just stand out everywhere and be my very favorites of all time. She even went as far as getting two store employees in on the debate!

     I didn't buy anything. (Sorry, shoe lovers. Maybe next time.) This whole concept got me to thinking, though... Queen Esther was statement shoes!

     I know, I know, that sounds completely ridiculous, but please just hear me out.

"Statement Shoes"
     • are your favorites
     • stand out
          - in your closet
          - in public

Compared to...

Queen Esther
     • whom was favored by all
     • stood out
          - in her home, living as a orphaned Jewish girl, not rich by any means
          - in public, living as the Queen over all Persia (127 provinces from India to Ethiopia¹)

     Esther was chosen to go to prepare for the King, as he was going to choose a new wife. At the time of her choosing, she was nothing, wearing rags, and working hard to live. Yet, she was chosen. Yet, the King ended up marrying her. Yet, she saved the Jewish race.

     All this, because she had something special.


Statement Shoes.

A loving spirit.

Statement Shoes.


Statement Shoes.


Statement Shoes.

The Fear of the LORD.

Statement Shoes.

     Y'all see what I'm getting at now?  This is the root of modesty- the place from which the surface stuff springs up. This is choosing modesty, on purpose, and with purpose.

     The world won't always support your efforts to live a little differently, whether that means going to church every Sunday, choosing to homeschool, dressing modestly, or whatever else it may be that sets you apart. Truth is, if that choice, the thing that sets you apart and makes you to be "statement shoes", if it's only skin-deep, you'll give it up when the pressure starts to rise. There has to be a root. Something way down deep inside you, keeping you steady amidst the storms.

     Right, this is a modest fashion blog. Technically. But you can dress modestly all day long, and still not be a modest person. I want for you all to see the need within you, to be constantly pursuing being a modest person, standing out for what is inside you, rather than the cute dress.

    While we always do want to be beautiful, special in our own worlds, do we possess the necessary characteristics? If not, what are we doing to develop those necessary characteristics? Or, rather, what should we be doing?

     1. Spending time with the Lord.

           This is a no-brainer. Not easy, but simple. Discover your own beliefs within His Word, as claiming your parents' beliefs as your own will not do you any favors. It has to be your own, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

     2. Serving others, starting with your own family.

          No matter your age, or where you are in life, you have to prove faithful in little, to be trusted in much². Again, not easy, but simple enough.

What do you think? What are some "statement shoe" qualities that you notice in people around you, or maybe in Bible characters? Let us know in the comments!

Have a blessed day, and may you always be found in the perfect Will of God!

¹ Esther 1:1
² Luke 16:10-12


  1. Thank you so much for this encouraging note about modesty! It really helped me know better, why I should dress modestly.

    1. Praise the Lord! I'm so glad it was a blessing for you, Katelynn. <3

  2. : ) wow, this was great!!! It made me smile and then laugh a little.
    I had never thought of the application you made before, but I really like it! very thought provoking!
    This was really a blessing to me.
    and yes, it made me laugh quite hard ..... ;)


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