Monday, April 27, 2015

Modest Monday // by Mykaela

Ready for spring in orange and flip flops!
Spring is really and truly upon us now!! Here in the northern U.S. it seems to come a little later than we'd like sometimes, but here it is. The only un-nice thing about spring though, is that the weather is always a little fickle. Warm, cool, cold, hot, warmish....all within one hour. ;) That's when I really love half or three quarter length sleeves because they are good for all temps.

This light orange shirt is great as far as color and weight, and I paired it with this longer denim skirt for running some errands around town. I try not to let my skirts look "frumpy", so I wore a fun necklace and flip flops with it. Funny story with the shoes I was in Walmart, in a hurry, and headed towards the checkouts. As I was coming up to them, one of the flip flop straps broke...right at the between-your-toes part!! As you probably know, it is exceedingly difficult to walk with broken flip flops. So I'm limping along, literally dragging one foot behind me because bare feet aren't allowed in Wally's. I checked myself out rather awkwardly, and then waddled outside where I promptly took my shoes off and walked barefoot to the car. I personally didn't mind, but I could tell some other customers were a bit befuddled! ;)
Flip Flops help to down the frumpiness
a long skirt can sometimes give

This past week we have been in Sunriver, Oregon for family vacation...the first one in over 5 years!! We went bike riding, swimming, played four square and foose ball, and just had fun together. So thankful for a great time with my crazy, funny big family! And in case anyone is in the dark about how I rode bike in windy weather without wearing pants, refer to Kimberly's last post. ;) Culottes are lifesavers!!! My mom made me two pairs before we left and I wore them every day.

One of the highlights of the trip for me, though, was witnessing to a shop keeper in the shopping village there. I hate letting a week pass without at least trying to talk to someone personally about The Lord...I fail SO many times, but when it actually happens, it is so fulfilling! I would really encourage you to make an effort in this area...The Lord will reward you! Whether they reject you or listen, either way it's a sin-win situation because YOU have honored The Lord by doing it! It's The Holy Spirit's job to bring conviction and desire for spiritual things. :)

Nice flip flops are a must-have!
Outfit Breakdown:
Shirt: Thrift store (White Stag brand) 50 cents
Skirt: Thrift store (Soft Surroundings brand) $7
Shoes: Garage Sale (I'm not sure what brand these are...? Actually I should say were ;) $2
Necklace: Gift shop $10

Well, I hope all of you have a wonderful week serving our Lord Jesus Christ. Keep on being a living testimony for Him!


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