Monday, May 11, 2015

Modest Monday // by Kristen

Hey everyone! I'm SO excited to share with y'all my first Modest Monday post!!!

So, this is the outfit that I wore to church yesterday. This shirt is great because it can be casual or more formal, depending on the skirt that you wear it with. Because this shirt goes a little too low on the neckline, I am wearing a size 10-12 undershirt (one of those kinds that you get in like a 3-pack in the little girls' department). They are affordable, and don't hurt your armpits. So, get small sizes, and they will still work. :-)

The skirt is a white skirt, but it doesn't require wearing a slip under it, because the built-in slip is thick enough! (YAY!)

The shoes... I just really like them. They remind me of the TV show 'Leave it to Beaver' and the shoes that their mom wears to clean the house, ;) just classy I guess...

And that's about it! So here's a little run-down of my outfit...
Skirt- Cato (hand-me-down)
Shirt- ? (hand-me-down)
Shoes- Salvage Store ($4)
Pearl Necklace- a gift from my late great-grandma, "Granny-ma"

Sorry I can't really give a very good run-down. :( Maybe if you ask Kimberly in the comments, she could give you sort of an idea...

Thanks for reading everyone!

For Christ's Glory,

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