Friday, May 20, 2016

Meet Elizabeth: An Interview

Good afternoon, world!!

Happy May! Apologies for the absence in writing! I (Kimberly) was out of the country for a few weeks there, and it took me just as many weeks to get back to business (or at least it felt like it!).

Well, did you know that blogging is kind of hard? Not really hard. Not like starving in a ditch in Africa. Don't take me like that. Life isn't all misery for us bloggers. But, it's difficult.

There are thousands of blogs out there for you to explore- what are the chances of us catching your eye?! And if we are so fortunate, what can we write on? To inspire you? To encourage you? Um. I don't know.

But, while talking to Elizabeth a couple of weeks ago, I realized what an inspiring and encouraging person she is, and I thought, 'why not just tell the world about Elizabeth and her life, if we're to inspire and encourage?!' And that, my dear readers is how this post was born.

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth Williams is one of our new Modest on Purpose bloggers! Have you read either of her Modest Monday posts yet (here's the first, and here's the latest)?? Story goes that I had some cool people that I was following on my personal Pinterest account, so when I signed up for Instagram, I thought I could follow some of the same people. I followed one girl, which led to another, and another, all the while I'm thinking that it seems to me that I have a lot in common with these strangers, and eventually I follow Elizabeth. She follows me back. We realize we do, in fact, have some things in common. We did an online Jamberry party together (she was my consultant, I was her host) last fall. It was March when she expressed that she'd like to do some blogging on modesty, and just like that! We have another team member!! Yay!! Her mini-bio is on our 'About Us' page, if you want to get a little bit of her background. :)

Hi Elizabeth!! Thank you for so graciously opening up and sharing with us your personal world!!!

Well, for starters, what do you want the world to know about Elizabeth Williams?

There actually is something I really want everyone to know, and that is that even though I am now technically considered a "fashion blogger," I by no means consider myself an expert! (lol!) I'm just having so much fun sharing what I've learned, and also learning from others! I'm always trying new things and figuring out more and more, and it's definitely been a learning process!

I can totally empathize with that!! Sometimes I'm sitting around the house in a super long jean skirt and oversized hoodie thinking to myself, 'and I call myself a fashion blogger?!' Haha!!

Speaking of modesty in dress, though, were you always in skirts and dresses growing up, or is it something that's developed over the years?

Growing up in a pastor's home, the modesty standards have always been there. So yes, skirts and dresses were my life! (lol!) I can't say I always agreed with those standards, but more like I just tolerated them... Once I became a Christian at the age of 13 and my faith became personal, I definitely had that desire to have my own convictions and to know what I believed. This wasn't something that happened overnight, and it definitely was, and still is, a learning process! Modesty was one of the many things I sought God on and what He wanted for MY life. I had a sense that modesty was right, but it wasn't always a passionate conviction. I reached a point where I didn't only want to know IF it was right, but WHY as well. God so graciously led me in this area! He laid the Biblical foundation for me in my life, and it definitely became a heartfelt conviction. The way I dress now, and the specific standards I have in place, are most definitely MY standards, and I love dressing the way I do!

Modesty isn't something that I just got super passionate about overnight. As I've grown, and am still growing, in Christ, He has helped me to understand it a lot better and has shown me the importance of it. And even though your specific standards (hemlines, necklines, etc.) ARE important, I can't stress enough how much more important it is that you have a firm foundation for it, and that it comes from a heart that desires to be like Christ. If you try to be modest on your own, everything will just feel like rules and it won't take long at all for you to become discouraged with it and give up. But, when you really seek God's heart on it, it will become SUCH a privilege! And when your heart is in the right place, those little things will fall into place!

How true!! When you love the Lord, and seek to always honor Him, God takes care of the details! What a great reminder. :)

Since you're pretty secured in your convictions on modesty these days, what lessons has the Lord been teaching you recently?

The Lord has definitely been teaching me so much recently! I have chronic Lyme disease, and I've struggled with that for several years now. So obviously, there is so much the Lord has been teaching me through that. But I would say the biggest thing lately is trust. I know that sounds super simple, but it's definitely something I need to learn more of! No matter what I am facing, it all seems to come back to the same question," Do I trust Him?" Of course I say I do! Lol! But sometimes my attitude may prove otherwise. Proverbs 3:5-6 has been my life verse for a few years now, "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." And recently, God has also laid Psalm 46:10 on my heart "Be still, and know that I am God." I definitely need to apply those verses to my life every day!

Living with Lyme Disease must be very trying; y'all should know that Elizabeth is so very courageous and strong, a real inspiration to all those around her in pressing forward even in the darkest of valleys. You should also know that May is Lyme Disease Awareness month! In thanks to Elizabeth opening up with us today, we're asking you to do a little bit of reading up on Lyme, and pray for all of those whose lives have been effected by this very real and very serious disease, including Elizabeth.

On a different topic, what do you like to do for fun, Elizabeth?

Oh my goodness, I almost laugh just reading this, thinking of how easy it is for me to have fun! Ha! It doesn't take much to amuse me at all (lol)! Other than the obvious answer of shopping (lol!), I absolutely love to play the piano! It's almost impossible for me to go even a day without playing SOMETHING. I enjoy it so much!!

Ah! Same!! I play piano just about every free second I can get!!

Are you working on any specific projects right now?

The past few months, I have been focusing on my health as my highest priority, so there hasn't been a lot of energy for many other things (lol)! I have been singing a lot more recently, though, and trying to work on some songs! Singing is another thing I like to do for fun... ;)

That's so fun, too!

Well, know that you're in my prayers, dear!

Do you have any super-inspirational closing remarks for our amazing readers today?

Now I'm totally wishing that I was one of those super inspirational people! (lol!) But I do have something I would like to close with. For all of you girls out there reading this, if you have made the decision to dress modestly, please don't give up! I know it's hard sometimes when you can't find modest options in the store. I know it's hard when those around you don't share in your convictions. And I know it's hard to get the weird stares and the awkward questions. But your convictions DO count! Remain steadfast, and keep on for the Lord! And not just in modesty, but in all of Godly living :) If there is anything you would like to see more of on the blog, we would love to hear from you. We're all in this together!!

Amen and Amen!

Have a fantastic weekend, everybody!

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See you next time!! :)


  1. Great interview! I really like your blog! It's really nice to find a blog that encourages you to dress modestly!! :-)

    1. Elizabeth WilliamsMay 20, 2016 at 5:11 PM

      Aw, thank you! So glad you stopped by, and that you left a comment! As I said, we're all in it together!

  2. Enjoyed the interview! Elizabeth is a dear friend and such a blessing!

    1. Elizabeth WilliamsMay 21, 2016 at 11:40 AM

      Thank you! I consider you a dear friend as well!

  3. Will you do interviews like this with all you bloggers on here?? It's a great idea. It gives us readers a chance to know a bit about you. Elizabeth seems so radiant, even more so now that I know a little about her.

    1. Hi there!

      Thank you so much for the kind words!! I agree- Elizabeth *is* so very sweet and radiant!!

      As to more interviews... Hopefully, yes! Any preferences as to who is interviewed next??

    2. Elizabeth WilliamsMay 28, 2016 at 5:00 PM

      What a kind thing for you to say! And thanks again Kimberly for your kind words, and for everything that you do!

  4. Why would it be difficult to be around people who are different than you? America is a melting pot..that's the beauty of our country, right? ❤

    1. Elizabeth WilliamsJuly 26, 2016 at 10:54 AM

      I'm sorry that I just now saw your comment! You're so right, in that there is so much diversity all around us! And I'm thankful that God doesn't make us all the same ;)We all have unique talents, gifts, abilities, personalities, etc. But as Christians, we often have to stand alone on some things! Yes, there are other Christians as well. But being in the minority can be tough sometimes! As humans, we all long, to a certain extent, to be understood and to be able to relate to each other. So while I embrace the ways I may be different, it can be hard sometimes to not be understood by those around you, and to get certain comments or stares. But that's why I emphasized the importance of doing what we do for GOD, and living for His approval alone ;) Thanks for stopping by, and for commenting!


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