Monday, June 27, 2016

Modest Monday // by Elizabeth

Hey y'all! A friend of mine recently went through some of her clothes, and before donating them, she thought of me! I was super excited to get all of them, but I've fallen in love with this particular dress!

It fit me perfectly, but I knew it didn't quite fit my modesty standards. But no worries! There always seems to be a solution for that kind of problem, so I just did a couple of quick fixes ;)

The first thing I did was put a basic black tee under it. Because the top was also black, you really couldn't tell (unless you got up close) that it wasn't made that way. Easy-peasy ;)

Now for the length. Normally this would be a bigger problem that would require me to sew extra length on or something like that. But if you read my first blog post, you remember me raving about my Peekaboo Chic skirt/dress extender. Seriously, this thing has been a lifesaver! Someone told me that you couldn't tell I was wearing something like that under it, that it looked like it was just made that way. Yay! Mission accomplished :) And did I mention that the dress has pockets?

I'm not a huge pocket fan like most people, but I still thought it was neat! I threw on the red necklace so that it would give the outfit a pop of color. I love how modest I was able to be in this dress, and that I didn't have to make any compromises! 

Outfit details:

Dress: GNW brand 
Shirt: Gap brand
Extender: Peekaboo Chic
Shoes: Cato 

So what are your favorite modesty hacks? I'd love to hear about them!


  1. Love this! Great modesty hacks - It looks even cuter now! :)

    1. Elizabeth WilliamsJuly 26, 2016 at 10:55 AM

      Thank you! I just read one of your posts about slip extenders! They are an awesome thing to have in your wardrobe ;)

  2. Great way to fix the dress. Very cute.



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