Monday, June 6, 2016

Modest Monday // by Mykaela

Well, it's Monday again already!! The weeks have been going by so crazy fast lately! :O Is it getting hot where you live? Here in North Central Washington, it's getting up into the upper 90's already. Yikes. Not sure if I'm ready for the sizzling summer yet. ;) 

Today I have another oufit featuring my new Halftee! I've only worn it with dresses so far, but now that I have it, I think I'm going to start buying thrift store finds specifically to wear with it, lol! ;) This particular dress looks great with just the Halftee underneath.

With this type of dress, I really don't like wearing just a regular shirt due to the bunchiness and continual riding-up under the belt/sash. No problem with Halftee!

Because the outfit was a little...brown, (and I'm really into pops of color), I decided to pair it with a cute pale blue bolero.

With the bolero over top, I could feasibly wear just a tank under the dress. However, you still have the issue of it constantly feeling like it's slipping upwards, due to the belt. Not comfy for a wearing all day! The Halftee made the neckline higher with none of the drawbacks. (Besides maybe having two layers on your upper arms instead of one. But that doesn't really bug me personally. ;)

Outfit breakdown:
Dress: $8 thrifted
Bolero: $2 thrifted
Halftee: use code 'onpurpose20' to score 20% off your entire purchase from, excluding sale items, through next Monday the 13th!

As far as shoes... On a normal day, I go for some tan flip flops. For church, I'd do flats. ;)

Don't forget, there is a special, Modest-on-Purpose-readers-only promo code that expires soon!! If you are considering getting a Halftee, now is the time to do it! :)  I really can wholeheartedly recommend this line of layering tees. The level of extra comfort and convenience that the Halftee affords is really awesome! I can't wait to try the different sleeve lengths, styles, etc. 

I hope you all have a lovely week! Keep holding fast to the standards that God has laid on your heart; it truly does project a shining testimony for Christ! We are in the world, but not of it. :) Thank you for taking the time to stop by today!

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