Tuesday, August 9, 2016

eShakti Dress Review + Discount Code // by Elizabeth

So many of my friends and fellow bloggers have been talking about eShakti for some time now, and I've been wanting to try them for myself! So to say I was thrilled when eShakti contacted me about doing a review for them, would be the understatement of the year!

The hardest part was choosing a dress! There were so many options to choose from, and knowing that I could change out the neckline, sleeves, and length of a dress gave me even more options! Talk about analysis paralysis (lol!). But I finally chose this dress- the Metal Zip Pocket Cotton Knit Dress!! I'm also going to show y'all some more of my favorite picks, at the end of this post.

 I was a little nervous about getting this dress. I had never had a custom dress before, so I was afraid I would measure something wrong! I did have a couple of questions, but I called customer service and they were so very helpful! :) Once I got the dress and tried it on, I found that it fit perfectly. Seriously, I have never had a dress fit me so well! It's as if this dress was made just for me....wait, it was! (Lol!)

This dress is super comfortable! The fabric is a jersey knit fabric, but it isn't the typical thin material you would expect. I was very pleased with the quality! The only complaint that I have about this dress is that it doesn't quite fit in the back, at the neck. It's a little big. But overall, that's really the only thing I would change.

I love that this dress is so versatile! I'm a huge fan of buying clothes that I can wear more than one way, in multiple seasons. This dress is comfy and flow-y enough for warmer months, but thick enough that I can also wear it in the colder months! I swapped out my boots for my heels, and put on a dressier necklace, and that makes this dress work for dressy as well! Bonus points! I also love how the gold-zipper pockets add a classy touch to this dress. There was the option to remove them, but why would I do a crazy thing like that??

Here are some of my other favorites from eShakti!!

                                                   Cotton Poplin Sheath Dress

                                                  Pleat Neck Cotton Knit Dress

                                              Retro Style Cotton Knit Maxi Dress

Check out all of their current styles via their social media pages!! We especially love the eShakti Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts!!


I think I'll be wearing this dress a lot! So have you tried eShakti? Let me know if you have!

Wanting to try them soon? Comment what styles are your favorite!

When you shop now through September 9th, use our referral code and get 10% off your orders!!



  1. This dress is so cute! I actually never would have picked it out on Eshakit, it looks way more adorable on you than it does on their website.

    1. That's exactly what I thought when I first saw the eShakti pictures next to Elizabeth's pictures, too! Thanks for stopping by, Bree! <3

    2. Aw, how sweet of you to say! I actually do like it better than I thought I would!


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