Monday, September 19, 2016

Meet Janan: A MoP Blogger Interview

Happy Monday, Ladies!

Kimberly here with another blogger interview! Yay! Kind of was hoping to get another one in back, well, two months ago. But oh well. We're here today, and I'm happy for it!

Today I'm super excited to formally/officially introduce all of you to our newest Modest on Purpose blog team member, Janan! Janan and I met first in July of 2013 at Family Camp on the Bill Rice Ranch in Murfeesboro, TN. We found out we were both from Texas and loved piano, and the rest is basically history. Long story short, though, our Pen Pal-ship turned into me traveling with her family on their missions trip to Burma/Thailand earlier this year (which you can read about + look at pictures of here). After all of that... we can't not be friends. We're glued together forever. Metaphorically speaking, of course. I left her behind when I moved up here to OK.

You can learn a bit more about my beautiful friend on her addition to our About Page, or just keep reading! This is, as a matter of fact, her blogging debut! And I'm excited (how many times have I said that word now...?) for you all to get acquainted! So be sure to comment after you read. So she can say hi and all that. :)

K: Good morning, Janan, and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!! So... What have you been up to lately?

J: Hi!! Oh my goodness, where do I start? It seems like there's always so much going on! As of late, I've been working on some things for our family business, trying to squeeze in schoolwork when I can, and playing the piano a lot more. (I would also say that I'm working on making myself a new dress, but I don't want to jinx myself and totally fail. Haha!) 

K: (Haha! Superstitious much?) Whew! Busy girl! But now you're tackling the job of being a full-time blogger for MoP, too?! What made you want to go and do a crazy thing like that?!

J: Haha! Well... I love to write! When you asked me to be part of the blog at the beginning, I really wanted to say yes, but it just wasn't something I could fit in at that time. Now that things are more smoothed out, I'm so happy to finally be apart of the MoP team!!

K; And we're [read: I'm] SO super excited to have you!! How do you describe your personal style, and what do you plan to bring to the MoP stage?

J: "Classic" has always been my go-to in terms of defining my style. In the past couple of years, though, I've started to branch out more in casual styles, patterns, and playing with color combinations. I think sometimes girls can get stuck in a "style rut" when it comes to dressing modestly, and that doesn't need to be the case! I hope that I can inspire ladies to be more creative in their clothing choices while still being modest. 

K: I love that!! I'm not always very creative... I definitely have a handful of go-to outfits... Maybe you can help me out?! ;) 

What about your journey to modesty, though? Have you always dressed like you do now? How and why did your heart move to where it is now on these topics?

J: When I was really young, I dressed like the typical kid, if you know what I mean. I wore skirts and dresses; I wore shorts in the summer and jeans when it was cooler. It was probably when I was around 12 that I started to sense a purposeful difference in the way people dress. So, I started to dress more modesty... but not for the right reasons. It was because my friends wore only skirts, and I wanted to fit in. 

A few years ago was when I finally understood modesty in the right perspective. I saw that it was my job as a child of God to reflect Him in the best way that I possibly could, and one way was in the way I dress. 

K: What a beautiful testimony!! <3

So, besides being awesome, what do you like to do for fun? 

J: Hahaha! I dabble in quite a few things; it's fun to have a variety. ;) I love to read as I have the time, bake and decorate cakes whenever there's a special occasion. Once in a while I'll get a burst of inspiration and sew or start a crafty project of (?) something that caught my eye. I don't go flying as much as I should, but I absolutely love it when I do. Flying through clouds on a sunny day is the best. :) And of course music. Music is always fun and it takes a special place in my heart. 

K: Oh, so modest! Y'all should know that Janan is an absolutely fantastic seamstress. She is working on her first ALBUM right now. So music is not just fun and special... She is so good!! Also, in case you missed it, she FLIES AIRPLANES for fun. Just admit it... I have the coolest friends ever. ;) 

Thanks so much for talking today and giving all of our lovely readers a sneak peak into your life! Is there anything you want to say? Is there anything you want the world to know about Janan Clements? 

J: Thanks so much for having me!! I'm just really excited for the future of MoP. I hope that I can be an inspiration and encouragement to our readers as I share little bits of myself along the road. Now I think I'll go get myself a cup of tea... :)

K: Enjoy your tea, dear! Until next week, dear readers! <3 


  1. I would love to hear this piano CD! I'm sure your playing is much better than you make it out to be ;)

    1. Well, I try! ;) I'll actually be singing on it, though. :)

    2. You should play the song you wrote though!! Or I should play it.. either way... ;)

    3. Good idea. You are going to be there, after all... ;)

  2. (I've never actually commented on here before... so here goes!)
    Hi!!! You are gorgeous, Jannan... :) I can't wait for some outfits from you! What does your name mean?

    1. Hello, Olivia!! Thank you, you're so sweet! I'm looking forward to doing some outfit posts soon. My name is Kachin and it means 'New Gold.' :)


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