Monday, October 17, 2016

Modest Monday // with Janan

Hello beautiful friends!

I’m so excited to be sharing my first Modest Monday post with you! If you’ve already read my Interview with Kimberly, you’ll know that my family and I are pilots. A few days ago we decided to go up and visit a little airport that we hadn’t been to before for lunch and some sightseeing.

I wore one of my favorite casual dresses for the short 30-minute flight.

I can’t say enough about this dress! Ever since buying it last Summer, it has been my go-to so many times. The comfortable jersey makes it easy to move around in and the cut and colors of the dress keep you looking put together.

A simple outfit, but when paired with the right accessories it gives off a relaxed, effortless-chic feel—and that’s what I’m all about! Most of the time, anyways. ;)

These Kate Spade Keds are my new favorite shoes--they’re the perfect mix of feminine, stylish, and comfortable.

 Scroll down to see more pictures from our day!

What I’m wearing:

Striped Dress: Old Navy ($24)

Kate Spade Keds: Keds ($50), here

Sunglasses: Old Navy ($12), similar here

Rastaclat bracelet: Rastaclat (gift), here

Thanks for reading, lovelies! What’s your idea of a fun Fall day? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. White shoes in October?! *fashion bloggers everywhere gasp* ;)

    Love, love, LOVE these pictures!! <3

    1. You better believe it! *breaks all the fashion rules* ;)

      Thank you, dear!! <3

  2. This dress looks too comfortable! And oh my word, that looks so much fun! I hope to fly one day(not pilot, just ride with someone lol)

    1. Oh, it is fun! I hope you get to; you'd love it!! ;)

  3. I love that outfit.

  4. Love it!! And that's really cool about your family. ^_^


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