Monday, December 5, 2016

Five Tips to Help You Stay Hydrated This Winter

Cold weather! Yay!

I think the biggest health obstacle that comes with cold weather for me (besides Christmas fudge, obviously), is probably staying hydrated. I want to drink water when I'm hot in the summer, but it's just easy to neglect in cooler weather, isn't it?

Here are five tips to help you stay hydrated this cold season!! <3

1. Keep Track

Know about how many ounces your cups/glasses are, know how many ounces you should be drinking per day, how many cups that equals, and keep track of how many you are actually getting in.

Our plastic drinking cups we usually use around the house (drinking glasses don't happen in a family of nine...) are about 20 ounces. If you weigh 120 pounds, you need to drink half your weight in ounces, so 60 ounces, so you should drink three of those 20 ounce cups full of water every day.

We have a laminated chore list on our refrigerator anyways, so I keep track of how many cups I've filled by making a mark with a dry erase marker on the laminated sheet on the fridge, every time I fill my cup.

2. Compete

When I'm struggling to get my ounces in, I ask my mom or sister, Kristen, to compete with me, for a day or two, to get back in the routine of drinking more water. We make marks on the laminated chore chart, but each of us uses a different color of dry erase marker, and we've been known to get 140+ ounces in a day, just thanks to our competitive natures.

3. Limit teas and coffees

Did you know tea actually dehydrates your kidneys? And coffee is naturally highly acidic. So if hydration is really your goal, and it should be, limit how much of those yummy warm beverages you're sipping. I like a tea at breakfast, and if I get in enough water, I'll sometimes treat myself with a dessert coffee or second cup of tea in the evening.

4. Limit salt

Similarly to the teas and coffees, salt dehydrates your kidneys. Even if you're drinking 100 ounces of water every day, your body will probably still exuberate symptoms of dehydration if your diet is high in salt. Salt is heaviest in processed foods, and foods that have long shelf dates (preservatives- it's a love/hate relationship). So watch those canned Campbell's soups this winter! Make your own soup! Check Pinterest for ideas on making your own low-sodium stock/soup base, or else look for some low-sodium chicken stock concentrate, like we do. Oh, and slow down on the chips and crackers!

5. Keep water on hand

I know I'm not supposed to love plastic bottles of water... but I do. They're so convenient, and when it's gone, I'm not obligated to continue carrying it. I have one around almost all of the time during summer, but in winter it's more of a conscience choice to remember to grab one when I'm going out. It's too easy to stop by a coffee place if I feel thirsty while out in town. Water, first! Reusable water bottles are awesome, too, so don't let me limit you. ;)

How do you stay hydrated all year long? How about during winter weather?


  1. Thanks for the tips.

  2. I am the absolute worst at giving my body enough water! Thanks for the hints! I'll try to be good!

  3. Great tips! I never drink enough water but I am trying to be more conscious about it. Thanks for sharing!
    Rebekah Joy

  4. These might be good tips, but this isn't a health blog is it? Please do more posts on modesty!

    1. Hello,
      While this isn't a health blog, we do our best to make sure that our post content is well balanced and helpful. While we do not perhaps get as much content out as some would like, we are a small group of writers, and it can definitely be a challenge to keep posts written and published on a daily basis.

      Also, while it is obviously so important to dress in a modest way (hence this blog! :), it is also crucial that we take care of our bodies and our health in order to do that! For example, modest clothing is not going to help someone who is sick and unhealthy from a horrible diet and no physical activity. So while we are not going to be posting constantly on this, it is truly an important part of modesty--to take care of the body that God has given you! It is, after all, His temple! :) Thank you for your comment,


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