Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Why I Started the Modest on Purpose Blog

Happy Spring!

Oh, dear readers and followers, I apologize for the lag in blogging lately! We all want to get back on it. The thing is, we started this blog while we were still in High School. We consoled one another that "after graduation" things would slow down and the blog would be on fire.

Hahahaha. Ha. Ha.

After graduation, my foot.

So, anyways, aside from being disillusioned about nice, accommodating adult schedules, and as far as I'm concerned, I still keep this blog running for the same reason it was opened, and after months of praying about how to say this, I have peace in my heart about sharing those details with you all now.

Why did I start Modest on Purpose?

Well, no fancy set of bullet points and Scriptures, unfortunately.

Basically, I identified something that would have helped me at a younger age, and set out to create that.

Does that make sense?

I wanted to be the person I needed to hear from when I was younger.

I wanted to write the blog I wish I could have read at 13 years of age.

Although I do follow some nice blogs and blogs focused on the same things as we have here, I have yet to find any blog that addresses modesty and femininity in a light I can wholeheartedly recommend to my younger sisters. This is not a shot fired at anyone. I'm just being honest.

It saddens me that most "modest fashion blogs", as I would categorize this one, are all about the outward appearance. All about the skirts. All about the shoes.

Haven't y'all read 1 Peter 3? There, Peter addresses the women (wives) within the church and includes this bit: "Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel;" [emphasis mine]

It's never been about a modest wardrobe!

The very next verse instructs, "But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price." [emphasis mine]

And that is what I wish "modest fashion blogs" emphasized more. That is what I always look for ways to emphasize more.

Really, that's what I needed to be reminded of when I was first trying to find myself and how to dress most glorifying to God, when I was about 12 and 13.

Back on my post on Femininity vs. Feminism: Explained I included the story that really started me off on my "journey to modesty", if you will. In a nut shell, I didn't grow up very concerned about either modesty or femininity, so I had to be inspired and encouraged into such by some interesting circumstances, when I was around 11-13 years old.

I didn't start the Modest on Purpose blog for the girls who grew up in skirts.

Surprise! No! It's never been for them/you!

Because I started this with my younger self in mind, my number one focus audience is that pocket of girls who wants to work on their modesty standards in a Biblical direction and is starting off at ground level.

That is why I don't push out daily posts about outfits and pictures, because, even though I like those, and can find them inspiring if they help me put together a nicer outfit (which, yeah, is harder to do when modesty and femininity standards come into play), it must start in the heart.

If you're just dressing like you're dressing for someone else and their standards or preferences, it's just a game, and it won't last.

For the girls who did grow up in skirts, though: welcome! I hope you find some encouragement and inspiration! You're not the audience I'm really writing to, but I try not to put limits on the Holy Spirit. If He wants to use this little ol' blog to stir your heart, by all means!

I didn't start the Modest on Purpose blog to discourage pants.

Pants vs. skirts is going to have to be a thing you deal with in your own life/heart. 

According to my Bible studies, it is wanted by God that we distinguish manly vs. womanly clothing, stay covered from shoulders to knees, and dress in flowing, looser [not tight] garments.  

Can pants cover these Biblical points? I think yes, if done carefully.

Can skirts miss these Biblical points? I think yes, if done uncarefully.  

Yes, once upon a time (a year and a half ago), I wrote that I didn't care to wear pants. (If you'd like, you may read that here.)

But one of these days, I might just walk into Walmart in blue jeans, and nobody is allowed to gasp.

Let me remind you of a passage I've been meditating on here and there for a few years, now.

"I know, and am persuaded by the Lord Jesus, that there is nothing unclean of itself: but to him that esteemeth any thing to be unclean, to him it is unclean."
- Romans 14:14

This verse, above, is the start of an amazing passage I wish more modern Christians would study.

It's an analogy, of sorts, using food as the subject, but it pertains to so, so, so many aspects of a New Testament Christian's life. Just change some words around and have it talk about clothing instead, eh?

No outfit/pair of pants/clothing is unclean/bad of itself.

But to him that esteemeth them bad, they are bad.

Basically, blue jeans cannot be bad in and of themselves. Blue jeans aren't capable of sinning! But, if we believe fully that wearing blue jeans is bad for us, for whatever reason, then it is bad for us.


"And he that doubteth is damned if he eat [or, wear], because he eateth [or, weareth] not of faith: for whatsoever is not of faith is sin."
- Romans 14:23

If you're feeling doubtful about pants, as I was at 13 years old, don't wear them! It's not in faith!

Go in faith! If you wear pants and have no qualms or misgivings about that, don't come to Modest on Purpose looking for us to convince you out of your walk of faith in that area! I hope we never challenge anyone's God-grounded faith, and I hope we always trust the Holy Spirit to do His job. I hope we always can encourage and exhort Scripturally. I hope the girls out there who are 13 and looking for ideas on how to dress more modestly and femininely can find inspiration here.

But whatever happens to Modest on Purpose, now you know why it was ever started in the first place. ❤ 


  1. Aw, it's good to see another post! I've missed you! :)
    I too have been searching and searching for a blog that I can agree with everything on. Okay, maybe not everything, but at least what modesty's all about. I like putting together modest outfits and wearing them and being careful how I dress, but YES, it starts at the heart. I read somewhere "Modesty is an outward gesture of the inward beliefs." Yes. And think about it, your outfit speaks before you do, too. So what do you want it to say? "I am obsessed with my clothes, look! look at my new jewelry and shoes!" (I love jewelry and shoes, not trying to say anything against them here) or maybe your outfit says "I think it's important to dress modestly, but also with a simple style."
    I hope to add a modesty section to my personal blog eventually. Right now my blog is mainly for contemplation and school, so.... Eventually. When I graduate from High School ;)
    What is your take on girls going to college? I'm really curious!
    Gnade und Frieden,

    1. Aww! I've missed writing! You're so sweet!

      I *love* that phrase! I've used a similar one for a while: "Modesty is the outward manifestation of humility".

      You're so right! I don't really want the main thing people get from me after meeting me to be something about my clothes! I want them to see Christ in me. I want them to remember my joyful countenance (hopefully). I want neither to be defined nor remembered by/for my clothes, so let's make them less important!

      You should! We'd love to read your ideas on modesty! Watch out on the graduating High School excuse, though, seriously! Hahaha!

      My personal idea on girls going to college?! Good question!! There isn't hardly enough room in the comment section to really cover it, though. Would you mind if I transferred this question to the list I'm compiling for a Q&A on my personal blog, Peculiar on Purpose? And if you're not subscribed over there, how can I let you know when that post is published? Thanks for being flexible about that; it might be interesting for the full blog audience to read. ;)

      Have a lovely day, Oliva! Thank you for commenting—it always makes my day! <3

    2. Hi, Kimberly! :)
      Go ahead and transfer the question if you wish! I do read your blog, so I will likely not miss the post :).

  2. Thanks for this latest post.

  3. This is so wonderful, Kimberly! I absolutely agree with your focus and I'm so honored to be a part of our blog. :)


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