Saturday, April 15, 2017

Florals for Spring x2

Hello, lovelies!

Spring is upon us and I’m finally back with some floral inspiration for you! I hope you can forgive my lack of posts on here of late; my family has been moving to Texas and it’s been a crazy couple of months getting them settled in.

Without further ado, some lovely florals to add to your spring wardrobe!

I picked up this beautiful piece to be my Easter dress, but I’m so looking forward to wearing it over and over during the warmer months. Which, in Texas, is most of the year. 😜

Flutter sleeves are everywhere this season and I’m loving it! They’re so light and effortless while being super stylish. Who wouldn’t want both?

Off shoulder tops are also trending right now and I know you’re wondering why I even bother to bring it up. Here’s a tip: off shoulder tops can be worn ON your shoulders and ta-daaaa! You have flutter sleeves! Have you figured out what I’m leading up to? My dress is technically off shoulder. But you could never tell. 😉

I have one more thing to show you: My cousin, Hkawnsan! My little sister, shadow, and reason for so many of my smiles. 

An online order turned out wrong, so my mom and I whipped up her dress in a couple of days. She’s not much for anything super girly, but the comfortable, uncomplicated style of this dress made it perfect for her.


Dress: Express ($55), here [ON SALE NOW!]  
Earrings: World Market ($12), similar here  
Gold sandals: Payless ($20), similar here  

Dress: Made by us ($30 materials from Joann Fabrics)
Earrings: ($8), similar here   
Blush heels: Call It Spring ($25), similar here  

I hope you enjoyed our post! Let me know what spring styles you’re most excited about in the comments below!


  1. Lovely dresses. Have a Happy Spring and Easter.

  2. Elizabeth WilliamsApril 18, 2017 at 11:03 AM

    You look like such a model! This is such a lovely dress. And I love your cousin's dress too! I can't believe you made it!

    1. Hahaha, oh goodness! But thank you. :) We're both so happy with them! Fitting the dress every step of the way definitely makes all the difference. ;)

  3. I might not be the biggest fan of dresses and skirts, but that is cute! Too bad I'm too much of a tomboy to wear dresses and skirts on a daily basis, the last time I wore a dress on a day other than Sunday I ended up dangling by one leg from a tree while a group of boys and my friends tried to untangle me...modest, cute...not! :P
    But y'all are really pretty and that dress is lovely!!

  4. Hahaha! Well, thank you! I completely understand; sometimes it's a big challenge to be ladylike. ;)


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