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3 Tips to Developing Your Wardrobe Using Pinterest

Hey y'all!

If you're new around these parts, my name is Kimberly, and since starting this blog [a few years ago] I have come to realize how silly it is that "fashion blogs" even exist. It's clothes. They don't matter.

Souls matter. Eternity matters. Relationships matter. What kind of cereal you're eating for breakfast matters.

But clothes are just icing on the cake. Literally and figuratively. 😉


I just wanted to get that disclaimer out there so everyone is reminded that we weren't put on this earth to look pretty. Don't let looking pretty get in the way of you and God's will or opportunity (which usually looks like hard work). Or humility.

But. In the case of being economical and developing the wardrobe you already have to create a set of tasteful, simple, modest, feminine outfits... we can talk about it a little. You have my permission. 😉

(Another disclaimer: I'm feeling a bit sarcastic today, if you haven't picked that up yet...)

1. Have a Pinterest account.

My sense of style and "togetherness" has escalated about ten thousand times over since I opened a Pinterest account. True story. I was absolutely that denim-skirt-and-polo-buttoned-to-the-throat girl. For years. While that was modest, as in covering, it was maybe a bit extreme at times where I was overly covered to the point of drawing maybe a little attention. And, just by definition, drawing attention is not modesty.

A friend opened a Pinterest account for me when I was 17. Turns out peer pressure is sometimes okay.

So step one of utilizing Pinterest to develop a more coherent, concise, and functioning wardrobe, is to actually have a Pinterest account. Probably self-explanatory.

2. Pin things relevant to your existing wardrobe.

If you have no midi skirts, don't pin a board full of midi skirts! Maybe you like that style, and you can ease into it the next time you find a good clearance sale, but for now, you've got to work with what you have!

I, personally, know what's in my closet.

The key is to know the styles and colors in your closet decently enough to recognize similar styles or colors on Pinterest, even if the article of clothing isn't an exact replica.

^ Here is my board, currently. It's my inspiration for what I already have and what I'd maybe like to acquire someday. It helps me figure out what my style is and where I want to take it.

I've had this certain rust-colored faux suede maxi skirt that I really like for about a year and a half, but have had a hard time incorporating into my line-up of things I actually wear. This past winter, I pinned this gem:

I had never ever thought to pair the skirt with black and white before, so I was pretty inspired! When I tried it myself, I couldn't tuck the shirt because my maxi isn't for tucking things into, and I didn't have anything to resemble her (^) accessories, BUT a simple Target-brand black and white long-sleeved shirt does go perfectly with the skirt, for a casual/semi-casual look! That formerly-difficult skirt is now a working piece of my winter wardrobe—yay! Win!

(^) Here's something else I have tucked away on my Pinterest clothing board... I generally am not much of a layers girl (I'm just a little too warm-blooded for more than one shirt, usually). But it's super cute, don't you think?! And I have similarly-styled versions of every piece of this outfit, so I could make it work if I wanted to. It's nice a nice picture to have on hand for reference.

(image source)

There are a few note-worthy things about this particular outfit.

First of all, the skirt is patterned, and shirt is not patterned. One of the drab details of my denim-and-polo wardrobe of the days of olde was that there was no pattern. Solid color on solid color is, even if only subconsciously, plain. There's nothing wrong with plain! But this solid top with a simple, dainty, floral-print skirt, carries significant interest even over the same outfit if the skirt was solid cream with no pattern. I also just like florals because they're so feminine and sweet! But that's just me. 😁

Second thing to notice: contrast, contrast, contrast. I love the contrast in this set of clothes! The shirt is fitted, while skirt is loose and airy. That's contrast #1. The shirt is dark and the skirt is light. Contrast #2. Accessory tones are pulled from the accents in the skirt. Contrast #3. If the purse/bag and bracelet were also blue, you'd have a bit of a wash out. It'd still be cute! But very blue! I love how the browns pull out the tiny brown/tan accents in the skirt. If I were wearing this, I might even swap the blue flats out for brown!

3. Pin things to figure out what you need.

When you start to get an idea of what your style and what you want it to be, Pinterest can help you see what you need to shop for to "complete your look", if you will. Let me explain:

Dear Pinterest, I'm struggling with cardigans. I always feel drab and sloppy when I wear them. What am I doing wrong?


(image source)

(image source)

Oh! I see! I need to shop for a belt!

And I did, too! I found a thin brown belt at Goodwill for $1 and I wear it quite often! Thanks, Pinterest, for helping me complete my look!

Dear Pinterest, I tried to tuck my shirt into my skirt today but it looked terrible!! What did I do wrong?


(image source)

Oh! I see! I think the waistband of my skirt was too wide. What about those skirts without a waistband, though?

(image source)

Ah! Belt, again?! I should have known.

Beware the Dark Side.

As with anything, Pinterest has an ugly side. There is definitely a safety net in following people (pinners) and boards you actually agree with. There are some weird accounts out there pinning "fashion advice" that is... well... yuck.

I follow I think about 200 people (mostly people I don't personally know), which provides me with a huge array of new things to see every day. But I remember the days of only following 14 people, and it was boring, and if that's you, I understand why you never log on anymore.

All of these pins I used in this post were pulled from my personal Pinterest account (take this link... I mean, if you want to. No pressure.) and Modest on Purpose's Pinterest account (and here's the link for that). You can also follow the other individual MoP bloggers: Mykaela, Janan, and Halee.

That makes five accounts to get you started in following cool people on Pinterest! If you need more, we, ourselves, are following some pretty awesome people, so refer to all of our 'following' tabs, especially on the MoP page, if you are especially looking for wardrobe inspiration!

I want to hear from you!

How have you been able to use Pinterest to get your wardrobe together?




    Ahem. Anyway. Absolutely loved this post. ;D

  2. Pinterest was definitely the game changer in my style!! And Instagram has really helped too! I love both of them. Pinterest is better for if I'm looking for something specific, like what colors to wear together or how to style a denim jacket. Instagram is awesome it's just your everyday girls styling outfits, and it always gives me ideas and inspiration!

  3. :) My sister basically forced me to set up a Pinterest account, and at first I thought it was the coolest things since sliced bread. Then my life got busy and my affection for Pinterest cooled considerably. I have a bad habit of taking into a deep dark Pinterest pit sometimes, so I try not to go on too often. However,I definitely need some fashion advice. I am absolutely the plain, solid on solid, blue on blue type girl. Simple shirts and denim skirts are my best friends. But I'm starting to realize that there are better options. :) I recently started a page for my fashion ideas, but I think they're mostly the things I'd like to have as opposed to what I can do with what I DO have, so that needs to change. Thanks for the tips! :)

  4. I love looking at Pinterest for outfit ideas when I'm in a rut (and sometimes when I'm not ;))! There are a lot of cute ideas I never would have thought of! Then again, there is the dark side.....ugh.


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