Friday, July 28, 2017

Little Green Dress

Hello, beautiful friends!

It’s been a while, but I’m back with some summer outfit inspiration for you all and there’s more to come, so get ready.

I made this dress back in the fall last year, but it’s taken me this long to get decent pictures and a post put together. I procrastinate too much. I’m really busy, you know. 😜

Since I can’t exactly tell you where to buy this dress, I’ll outline a few tips and bits from how I made it.

  • Whenever making yourself a dress/top in a new pattern, I HIGHLY recommend drafting a practice bodice in some ugly scrap fabric that might be lying around. Make it according to pattern instructions, try it on, adjust, repeat. It saves SO much time and headache later on. Trust me. 

  • Always, always prewash and dry your fabric before cutting. It’s no fun to make a perfectly fitting garment only to have it shrink after the first wash.

  • Don’t be afraid to modify your pattern! Don’t like the neckline in the picture? Cut it a little high on your fabric, lay it on yourself or a mannequin, trace your desired style with a pencil, and cut! Definitely do this on your practice bodice first, though. 

  • Pressing seams after sewing pieces together makes a huge difference in fit! Don’t underestimate it.

  • Oh, and mixing patterns for different parts of the garment is totally acceptable and not scary. Like the skirt on one and sleeves from another? Just measure the connecting areas to make sure they’ll line up in the finished product. 

I used quilting fabric (yes, you can!) for this dress. I wouldn’t have thought to before, but when you think about it, it makes sense. 100% cotton, cute prints, easy to work with, so why not?

This particular fabric is from the Buttercream collection at JoAnn Fabrics. I lined the bodice with muslin for extra stability, but the skirt didn’t need any. Also, shoutout to my favorite mom for putting in the invisible zipper because I was scared to mess the dress up after all the hours I put into it. 

The colors and accessories were making me feel like a combination of Peter Pan and Wendy, so this picture had to happen, obviously: 

*thinking happy thoughts*

If you’re a Disney fan like me and simplistic jewelry is your thing, you’ll love the bangles from Lillian & Co. They’re so classy and go with everything in my wardrobe. Definitely a favorite! 

I’m so happy with the way this turned out! It fits like a glove, has a swirly skirt, and most importantly, it’s my favorite color. Summer staple for sure!

Outfit Details:

Dress patterns: Simplicity 1652 (bodice + sleeves) & Vogue 8766 (skirt)
Dress fabric:
Buttercream from JoAnn Fabrics
Necklace: gift from Kimberly
Lillian & Co. (gift)
Shoes: Payless

Please let me know how your summer has been going and if you’ve ever sewn anything for yourself. If you have any questions, ask away in the comments below! Looking forward to chatting with you all! 


  1. That fabric is so pretty. You did such a good job making that dress. Congratulations.


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