Thursday, August 24, 2017

Summer Blues

Hello all you lovely ladies! I hope your summer has been as full of beauty and blessings from God as mine has. 💛 Summer evenings and mornings are some of the most tranquil and perfect times of the whole year, in my opinion. I'm not even a morning person normally, but the cool morning breeze, with sunlight filtering through the lush poplar trees into my bedroom window, illuminating my desk where my Bible waits for morning devotions----wow. I have suddenly and inexplicably turned into a morning person, for the summer at least! 😉

My watch words the past few months in terms of dress have been cool, effortless, and comfortable. This dress absolutely fits the bill on all three items, plus being adorable! Win!!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My Favorite Dress I've Worn All Summer

Hi there! So glad y'all could stop by! I'm Kimberly, and yes, this is my first outfit post in a pitifully long time. So you had better enjoy it. 😉

You've all heard about eShakti, right? It's definitely not a new name in the clothing industry, and they have a pretty large name because they are revolutionary in the sense that every single article of clothing they ship is made to order. Sure, there's a stock item you're buying—the material and the basic form (dress, skirt, pantsuit, etc.)—but you want it shorter? Longer? Different neckline? Different sleeves? Pockets or no pockets?

This is the only website I've ever seen that actually will customize each order to your preferences like this. (But if there's another one, do share!)

It's kind of awesome, right? I can try on dresses at the mall all day long and never find one that ticks all the boxes. "If only I could change the neckline!" "Why don't they make a style with sleeves??" "I wish I could lengthen the hemline just a few more inches..."


Let's face it, though: I'm broke. I even put stuff back on the rack at Goodwill during 1/2-off day.

$70 + $10 alterations? I just can't. I'll add it to my to-do-when-rich list.

That was basically always my attitude about eShakti. Just being honest here.

So, when eShakti emailed me a couple months ago asking me to do a blog post for them, I:

     1) wrinkled my forehead in confusion, because I didn't have an eShakti to do a blog post about, and

     2) jumped off my seat a few measley yards when I realized they were going to send me a customized dress of my choice to blog on!!!


I pretty much knew it was the one from the first time I saw it. Lovely colors and such a classy design. I wasn't sure the crisp white and lighter blue was for me, just because my coloring is pretty light already. Lots of light on a light person can get to be a washed out scene if you know what I mean, and that was my only hang up.  

But, if Cinderella could pull it off, so can I. With that (and a little encouragement from Janan), I made my choice.

I don't regret it.