Thursday, August 24, 2017

Summer Blues

Hello all you lovely ladies! I hope your summer has been as full of beauty and blessings from God as mine has. 💛 Summer evenings and mornings are some of the most tranquil and perfect times of the whole year, in my opinion. I'm not even a morning person normally, but the cool morning breeze, with sunlight filtering through the lush poplar trees into my bedroom window, illuminating my desk where my Bible waits for morning devotions----wow. I have suddenly and inexplicably turned into a morning person, for the summer at least! 😉

My watch words the past few months in terms of dress have been cool, effortless, and comfortable. This dress absolutely fits the bill on all three items, plus being adorable! Win!!

My grandma recently bought this for me after I'd been eyeing forever, and once I got it, it became such a staple that I had to go and get the other color they had at the store too! (Not pictured 😉)

It is a SUPER soft and stretchy knit fabric, and best of all, it needs NO modification whatsoever to be modest!! What?! Seriously, people, this is unheard of. Best dress ever!

Tonight when I was taking pictures, we were on a walk on these beautiful trails on the canals. I needed something cool and comfy to walk in, so I opted for my not-super-stylish-but-oh-so-cushy Sketchers flip flops. 😜

Earlier in the day, I'd been running around town on errands, so I wore some cute American Eagle leather sandals for that. As for jewelry, I've been leaning towards understated and simple lately, so I just stuck with my go to--a dainty silver chain. It's not big and flashy, but I like how it just adds an extra little something. 😊

I have been wearing these dresses at least three times a week this summer. 😜 They are SOOO comfortable, it almost feels like I'm wearing pajamas or something! And yet they are totally cute enough to go from work or errands to Wednesday night prayer meeting at church without feeling under dressed at all. 😊

I'm usually not a fan of the handkerchief style hemline, but somehow on these dresses it works for me. If any of you gals have a Fred Meyer near you, I absolutely recommend checking one of these gems out!!! You will have no regrets, I promise. 😉 It's one of the first pieces I have bought at retail price (not thrift store) in a really long time, but I honestly think it's been worth the investment already!!

Outfit breakdown:
Dress, Cable & Gauge brand: Gift (Fred Meyer, $20)
Skechers GoWalk Flip flops: (Online sale $12)
Necklace (Permanently borrowed from my mom, who doesn't wear it! 😄 No idea of price on this one. It's pretty old.)
American Eagle leather sandals (Not shown. Free from a yard sale.)

What are some go to summer staples for you all? How do you like styling your outfits when the weather gets hot? Let us know in the comments! 😊 Have an amazing week!! 💛

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