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Kimberly Snyder

Kimberly started this blog and her personal blog, Peculiar on Purpose, in January of 2015, when she first caught glimpse of what light she could be for Christ, should she try at all. Nearly every word you see on the blog passed Kimberly's scrutinizing eye before being published.

Kimberly is an online college student/piano teacher/blogger with a passion for Jesus Christ, people, and beautiful sunsets. She enjoys Jane Austen novels, obsesses over dark chocolate, plays piano every chance she gets, relishes family game nights with her parents and six younger siblings out in their slice of the Oklahoma prairieland, and is most comfortable in denim, boots, and pearls.
~Mathew 5:16~

Mykaela McDowell

Mykaela jumped on board right at the beginning in January of 2015, and has been Kimberly's go-to minion ever since. Mykaela keeps up with the blog's email and Pinterest accounts, as well as the posting schedule when Kimberly is unavailable.

Mykaela is a 20 year old missionary's daughter living in North-Central Washington State with her parents and seven younger siblings. She is a part-time librarian, full-time reader, artist, gifter, coffee snob, Creation-admirer, hiker, and pianist extraordinaire. She'd dress 50's era every day if she could afford it, but feels most at home in flats and floor-length anything.

~Matthew 10:37-39~

Janan Clements

Janan met Kimberly in summer of 2013 at a Family Camp in Tennessee, and was one of the first to hear about the blog via snail mail. She finally jumped aboard in August 2016, and is excited to get her feet wet in the world of modest fashion blogging!

Janan is a 20 year old half-German/half-Kachin Texan, in love with Jesus, travel, music, and Disney. If she's not in her office working on her online college work, you might find her practicing flying one of her family's airplanes, planning international transportation, baking fancy cakes, or talking to multiple friends and family members over speaker phone at the same time. Janan categorizes her taste in style as "Classic, Whimsical, Feminine, and Practical".

~Jeremiah 29:11~

Halee Westbrook

Halee joined us here at Modest on Purpose in March of 2016. She stays busy with her own blog and YouTube channel, but we do love when she can contribute over here with her eclectic sense of style and bright personality! She is also awesome at sharing and promoting MoP, and that, in reality, is probably the most underrated job of running a blog.

Halee is a homeschooled High School student from the great state of Texas. She loves God more than anything, and is always trying to grow her walk with, in, and towards Him. Halee loves writing about her beliefs, sharing her testimony of all Jesus Christ has done for her, bookworm-ing (with a current interest in non-fiction and farming books), and she has a passion for counseling and being a friend to those around her. She has a dream to become apart of a ministry that invests in the lives of others. Her style is practical, casual, feminine, and hard to find in stores!

~1 Timothy 4:12~

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